What Version of ProductCart is Your Store?

  It is extremely important that you are updating your ProductCart store to the latest version. Just like any technology, certain  applications become outdated and no longer work properly with other updated services such as payment gateways and web browsers. When our team releases a new version of ProductCart, we include both essential updates as [...]

7 Tips for Improving Your Store’s Product Description

You want to use the best SEO practices when writing your product descriptions. Creating compelling text will help sell your products, but writing text that search engines ‘like’ will help them show up in search results. These quick tips will improve your product’s descriptions and their search engine visibility. 1. Highlight the important features Rather [...]

ProductCart is great for downloadable products

A large amount of ProductCart stores rely heavily on our software to sell their downloadable products or digital goods. If you are looking for an easy and successful way to deliver your digital products to your customers, ProductCart is the solution for you. Our ProductCart developers are experts in this field for one simple reason: [...]

How to Succeed with Google+

When you are running an online store, your online reputation is really important not only for SEO purposes, but also for organic traffic too. If the only online presence  you have is your ecommerce store, it is likely that you are missing out on  large opportunities with social media and organic traffic.  Just like any [...]

Changes to ProductCart’s Support & Updates Plan

ProductCart recently released a number of changes to our Support & Updates plan. As of March 1, 2014 the changes below are effective.

Custom Search Options

ProductCart is a Great Ecommerce Solution for Sporting Good Stores

Although ProductCart is great for all industries, it is especially great for the outdoor and sporting goods industry. Outdoor and Sporting goods have broad  categories that cover a lot of different outdoor activities including fishing, golfing, surfing, and horseback riding. As you can see those categories don’t have much in common. ProductCart is so versatile, [...]

6 Tips to a Successful Ecommerce Return Policy

When running an ecommerce store, having a solid return policy is crucial to the success of your store. Here are 6 tips to making your return policy more effective:

ProductCart Support Options

Because ProductCart is so versatile and customizable, you may encounter some difficulties in setting up your ProductCart store if you decide to tackle customizations on your own. However, ProductCart offers a large array of support options to help solve any issues you encounter. Below is a full description of technical support and other resources available [...]

ProductCart is Great for Apparel Ecommerce Stores

Some ecommerce solutions can make it difficult to display and configure all the product options that your company has available. For example, you have a t-shirt that comes in 5 different colors and 7 different sizes. If your shopping cart does not have a product management tool, you can be forced to upload 35 different [...]

5 Tips to Creating Return Customers

Building up loyal and returning customers can help any company reach sales goals. Why go through the extra effort of convincing all new customers to purchase from your company when you have already convinced existing customers. Of course, I’m not saying to not target new potential customers, but the probability of selling to an existing [...]